Friday, April 22, 2011

Your Backyard friends

Guess what I'm thinking about, they're kindergarteners, they love the backyard, and they love imagining. Do you know who they are? They're the Backyardigans, five young animal friends who love to imagine of being in places, they've never been. Let's see who they are...

This is Pablo, he's a cute little penguin. He was born in the south pole, until years later he moved to the US of A. He loves sharing his backyard with Tyrone and Uniqua. He likes to swim in the ocean every summer. He loves to go to the aquarium on weekends and see seals, fish, and turtles. When he grows up, he wants to be a construction worker, just like his dad.

Say, who's that kid in the antlers? It's Tyrone! He's a moose who is very confident. When he was born, his parents screamed that he had antlers, but four years later when he went to school, his friends made fun of him and called him Antler Boy, but Tyrone said "Don't make fun of me! I was born with antlers! It's my disability!", then all of his friends decided not to make fun of him. So everything was saved. He lives with his mom and dad. His big brother Byrone, and his other big brother Myrone.

Nobody knows where Uniqua came from, but my guess is space. Uniqua is a pink... um... Uniqua is her name and her species. She is a beautiful pink creature who has appeared in all episodes of The Backyardigans. She does not like to talk about the martians at anyone but the others did. She is not really an African American, but she is a blonde. (But she doesn't have hair) Her mother is a Pok√©mon trainer, and she has a Venusaur named Prius. Her favorite TV show is We are the Precures.

A beautiful hippo who always looks her best. She loves being a princess. (Especially the PPG's and Uniqua) While taking a bath, she blows bubbles with her nostrils while underwater. Her best friend is Selma Pig. She loves to play dolls with Uniqua. Her favorite food is Grass Pizza. When she meets a boy hippo, she smiles and seeks attention to him. She likes to watch TV, but has an alarm watch to check when the commercials are over.

He's Austin for sure, and he's the "new-kangaroo-on-the-block". He loves listening to Michael Jackson. His family came from Australia. He's a very shy kangaroo and never speaks in play. His father is red, and his mother is blue. His cousin Bill is a champion boxer who has fought muscular opponents. His favorite TV show is  Rocko's Modern Life.

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